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One of the biggest challenges ex-Muslims face is the lack of community and networking. There are millions of ex-Muslims scattered around the globe who are surrounded by god believers who want these ex-Muslims to live as per their worldview. This becomes a cause of anxiety and depression especially for those ex-Muslims living in Muslim countries.

I am now trying to create a platform where ex-Muslims can meet other ex-Muslims, share their experiences, make friends and socialise. This is a challenge for everyone as we need to ensure people coming to us are genuine ex-Muslims and not pretending to be one.

If you are an ex-Muslim or an atheist living in a western country, join us and pay a small membership fee which can subsidise other ex-Muslims and atheists living in Muslim countries and join our networking website.

You can become a Patron for $10/month and join our networking site where you can meet other ex-Muslims and atheists from Muslim countries.

Can’t afford it? No problem. Just fill out the form below and someone will get in touch with you

    We are extremely sorry. You are not eligible as your belief does not support our cause

    You will be asked questions about your beliefs as you can understand we need to ensure you are a real atheist to make sure everyone is safe.

    Please note you may answer in English, Urdu, Panjabi OR Hindi